Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Being Sick makes me emotional

I have had some sort of virus the last couple of days which has made me achey and have a sore throat and a headache and a stuffy nose. Last night I was watching this show on ABC about how people react to racism or people being mean. They had two actors in a shop one was muslim in all of her religious clothing, and one was a worker. He would yell at her and say racist comments and refuse service and they were watching with cameras for the reactions of the people around them. 22 of the people did nothing, 6 told the clerk good job you're a great american and we agree with you, only 13 people stood up for the woman. It made me so sad, they had a woman who is really muslim and lives through this type of stuff everyday. I don't know how people can act like that, it made me cry because people are so mean. I couldn't belive that people can be so racist, I wish that I could be there to help stand up for those people all of the time, but I am only one person. Then today I was reading an article from my yahoo home page about Anne Frank, they found a picture of the boy who she loved and are going to be putting it in a museum. That also made me cry, I just don't understand how they could have killed so many innocent people. Children too, how could they treat them so meanly and unkind and kill them. It is just so not Christlike. I just don't understand it and I'm sitting here crying for all of the people who are persecuted and murdered and I just wish that there were something I could do to help or prevent these horrible things from happening. I can't believe I'm crying, I blame it on the fact that I'm on bc and I'm sick. The two combined make me so sensitive. I really do wish there were something I could do.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm so tired

School is exhausting. I am so tired all of the time, and no I'm not pregnant. That is usually the question I get when I say that I am tired. I have been going to bed earlier than normal and not waking up to go to the gym for the past week. I have also somewhat neglected school which is not so good. I think I need to get back on the school train. Only 9 weeks left and I really really really can't wait. I can't wait to not have to worry about assignments and tests and passing classes. Life will be so blissfully peaceful when school is over. I can't wait for Sean to be less busy with classes. Summer is so much fun. We get to just hang out in the evenings and not worry about homework assignments.
It is also 9 weeks until Costa Rica. We are going to kick it up a notch in our diet and exercise, which for me that means actually going to the gym everyday and staying on the diet. Normally I just don't care what I eat as long as I'm running 3 times a week, but now I'm going to try a little harder and maybe I will see some results. I'm the worst dieter in the world. I just wish I had the metabolism of a 16 year old boy, they can eat whatever they want and never see the consequences of it. I love food way too much. Which leads me to my ice cream issue, I always want ice cream. I am the worst at buying ice cream when I am on my own and angry. I went to get my favorite flavor at the creamery yesterday and they were out and everything else sounded nasty to me. So I went to the grocery store which is further away, and I was swearing the whole drive to the store. This is a sign that I should not have bought ice cream, when I'm in a mood like that I just cannot seem to pick out good flavors. I ended up coming home with cheesecake ice cream with brownies mixed in, what was I thinking. It is so gross. The only time cheesecake ice cream is good is when it is with berries at cold stone. I don't want to eat it and we have a half gallon of it left, and Sean won't touch it either. Now we have a nasty flavor of a million calories that no one wants to eat, but it will have to be eaten if we are ever going to get another good flavor in the house again. I'm a lunatic, I should have stuck to cherry garcia from ben and jerrys and never even looked at the 1/2 gallon dryer's ice cream.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm it?

Apparently I have been tagged an am supposed to give six facts about myself and tag other people. I will give the six facts, but unfortunately I don't have enough blog readers or friends with blogs to tag anyone who hasn't already done this. So I will comply with the facts, but I won't be tagging anyone else. Sorry if anyone is disappointed in me, but I don't know what else to do. So here we go...
1)I love desserts. I think everyone knows that, but I also love to bake all kinds of desserts. I love baking them and eating the dough or batter or whatever before it is cooked. I make myself sooooo sick while baking whatever it is that I am baking that I don't ever want to eat my baked goods right away. I sometimes wish that I had better will power to not eat the stuff while I'm making it. I also wish that I could be like my friend Heather and could be a well trained pastry chef that went to culinary school.
2)I love the medical field and am interested in having some sort of career in it, but what I really want to be is a hair stylist and makeup artist. Both of these also require training that I don't have, but they are passions of mine. I love doing other people's hair and makeup, and I really love to buy hair and makeup products.
3)I am terrified of having a baby girl. They scare me. I realized that I have never really taken care of girls other than myself before and I have no idea how to deal with them or change their diapers. I would be a much more comfortable mother with boys. However, this is something that I cannot choose, so I am going to be happy with whatever genders of the children we get are. I am really excited to have kids. I'm a lot less scared of having boys, but I will have to learn everything anyways, so bring it on!
4)Sometimes I dream of being an actress. I am pretty good at faking emotions and I think I could totally do it convincingly for a movie or TV show. Maybe one day I will try out for a part in a movie and see how it goes. I seriously doubt it though.
5)Despite all my complaining about always watching sports in our house, I secretly love it. I love knowing what is going on in the sports world as well as the world and also having an education. This makes me feel as if I were well rounded, haha.
6)I have a birthmark that looks like a giraffe and I love it. It is on my lower right leg. My bridals photographer tried to edit it out of my pictures thinking that it was a speck of dirt and it kind of offended me. I definitely got mad at him to his face and told him to put it back. I am kind of crazy.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love, love, love!

I have always loved Valentine's day, even when I didn't have a Valentine. I love the color pink, and I love to get all dressed up, and I love to give out cards and candies and stuffed animals to the friends that I love. I love my family and my friends and my favorite person of all my hubby. I love that my parents always made Valentine's day special for me when I was younger, they would always give me a sweet gift like a flower (I love getting flowers) or chocolates. It always made me feel loved and important and I knew that they would always care about me. Even now that I'm married my mommy loves to send me a Valentine's day gift like candy or decorations or clothes. She is so great. I also love having my very own Valentine these days. I love the cards that Sean picks out for me, they are always clever and he writes me the best love messages. I think that is why I look forward to our anniversary and my birthday the most, because he writes down everything that he forgets to tell me about how much he loves me and cares for me and it really reminds me of how wonderful he is and how lucky I am to have him. I love when he remembers my favorite things like dove dark chocolates and diet Dr. Pepper. It was fun to get out the shower this morning and go to dry my hair in my little vanity corner and find a display of all of my favorite things left out by my sweetie. He really is so thoughtful sometimes. I seem to forget that in between the holidays. I think I need to work on remembering how wonderful he is on my birthday and valentine's day. I LOVE him soooooooo much. I Love love so much. It is so fun to be reminded about how much you are loved by your family, friends, and husband. Even if this is a stupid holiday to some people that think it is made up by halmark and the candy companies, I don't care. I am glad there is a day to remind us to love and be loved in return. All you need is love....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nothing New

Nothing new so far this week, just busy busy busy as usual. I really can't wait until graduation. I just feel so tired all of the time because I have school and work and school and work constantly. It will be nice when I can come home from work and just relax and not have to worry about tests and homework. I have decided that I do get stressed, but it is not a frantic stress where I work hard and get things done, it is a stress where I am so overwhelmed that I just give up. I need to stop doing that or I will not pass my classes. I am trying to stay ahead this semester and get things done on time. Hopefully I will be able to remember how to do things and what I learned by the time I get to my tests and that way I can ace all my classes this semester. Believe me, I am trying.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I am so excited and I don't know why

I am so excited and I don't know why. The reason I am excited is because things are going amazingly well. Sean is loving school, I'm only 3 months away from graduation, and in a couple of years we are going to be working in the real world.
Sean spent today in Salt Lake and Earnst & Young, an accounting firm, getting to know the way accounting jobs work. He learned more about how the internships work and was able to make a good impression on a recruiter. He has applied to two mini internships for this summer where he would be spending a few days with the firm I guess shadowing or something. I'm not quite sure, but I know that it would be a really great experience for him. I'm really excited about all of it. For the interview for one of the mini internships for KPMG there is a get to know the spouses thing on Wednesday night next week. I'm really excited to go, this is my first business dinner type of experience. I have to look like a professional and make a good impression on the recruiters just like Sean does, they are not only recruiting the workers but the wives as well. So they will be judging me just as they are sizing up Sean to see if he is good for the job. I think it is really neat. I think I'm a pretty sociable person and can make a good first impression, at least I hope so. My MComm class talks all about these situations, there was a whole chapter on proper etiquette which I am prepared to use. I just hope that I don't ruin it for Sean.
We were talking about the places that he would be interested in working at and he mentioned that Houston is one of the two top choices. I would be so so so so so excited if we could end up there. I have friends there and we would only be a few hours from my family, and I really just loved growing up in Houston. It would be a dream come true if we could live there. I know that it won't be set in stone for a while, so I'm going to try to not get my hopes up, but that is very hard. I'm so excited about it, and I don't even have reason to be excited yet.
Another exciting thing is that we found this really cool apartment that we might be interested in. We would be neighbors with one of Sean's friends from the accounting program, and we would have a washer and dryer. We could possibly have a dog there too. We will be looking into this and figuring out whether we will move or not. If we do move I will be sad though, as excited as I am to have a dog and W/D, I would miss my ward. I really love the people here. I have made so many great friends. It would be sad to not go to church with them and see them every week. I think that this is something we will have to consider carefully because I want to make sure that we are happy.
On a side note, today at the gym my shoes were wet and I slipped off of one of the machines and almost landed on my butt. This guy had to help me lift the machine back into place because I couldn't do it on my own. Sean didn't even notice he was so into his workout.