Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rosalie's new picture face

Can't seem to get any good pictures of Rosalie lately, this is the face she gives me when I take out the camera. So cute though!

What a silly little girl she is. We just love her, even when she is in a terrible mood. Yesterday I had my first experience being that mom with the screaming child at the store that you feel sorry for. I just let her cry and kept shopping. What else could I do? I did grab some jelly belly's and let her eat them, that calmed her down. Of course I wanted them too, so it wasn't too big of a sacrifice to get them for her, haha.
She went to the Dr for her 15 month appointment and was pretty crazy, she did not want to stay in that tiny little room and kept knocking on the door for them to let her out. She hated her shots of course, she was just so sad, but she survived. I think she was super tired when I went to the store and then to the Dr. She is transitioning from 2 naps to one which is making for one crazy uneven schedule lately.
Last night she ate her dinner with me and then had her bath and I got her dressed for bed, but bed time was still at least 30 minutes away, so she just snuggled on my shoulder and we watched the slideshow screen saver on my computer and named everyone in the pictures. It was sooooo sweet. We don't get many moments like that anymore, where she will just snuggle with me and not try to escape to go terrorize the house.
That's what has been going on with Rosalie, sorry it is not a very exciting post, I will update with more cute things she is up to again soon.
P.S. We are moving in 5 weeks, I am freaking out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July

First thing we did was get in our running gear and head on over to see the hot air balloons. Rosalie loved them, she thought they were the coolest thing ever. The wind was really strong though, so not many of them made it into the air.
Running around excited about the balloons.
Posing for a picture.
Watching the balloons.
She is blowing the balloons, so funny.
In her giant Mona Vie shirt that she wore as a night gown, doing her new favorite thing, climbing.
Waiting for the parade to start.
So cute.
Eating her first shaved ice, she loved it.

We had a really fun family weekend despite the fact that we all got sick. We enjoyed spending time together and watching the fireworks. Those were just too hard to get a picture of because I had Rosalie in my arms. They were pretty loud and it didn't even phase her. She would look at the sky every time that people clapped at the Stadium of Fire expecting more fireworks. She loved when the jets flew over head, and seemed to enjoy the music of the concert, despite the fact that it was way passed her bedtime.
The parade was so fun, she loved the big balloon floats and the police sirens even though they were really loud. She stayed in my lap for a really long time watching the parade, I was impressed with her ability to stay still for that long. Then we went to the carnival in the afternoon and had some shaved ice and checked out the general festivities. It was a fun weekend, I'm glad we got to spend that time together.