Wednesday, November 18, 2009

7 months!!!

My Rosalie is getting so big, and so much fun. We just love her little personality, most of the time. Here are some fun new things she can do:
She can throw a real temper tantrum at times.
She is all over the place, wiggling like a little crazy person.
She hasn't quite figured out that she can mover herself yet, she still just uses her feet as a central position and moves in a circle using her arms.
Sometimes she moves backwards, but never very far, but she can get up on all fours every once and a while.
She also rolls all over the place, it is pretty funny.
She now says "baba" and "bama" and any combination of ba and ma.
She thinks that I am hilarious, which makes me feel pretty good.
She loves to smile and make her silly face with her tongue sticking out. S
he always wants to eat whatever we are eating and enjoys trying little bits of new foods. She especially loves crackers/biting biscuits.
She is always trying to look at what is on the ground to play with when we are holding her, but when we put her down she gets upset.
She goes to bed really easily when she does not have an ear infection, I can just put her down and she goes to sleep, after the routine of course.
She still wakes up once a night, but it is after going nine or ten hours after going to bed, if she would go to bed later it wouldn't really disturb my sleep, but since she goes to bed at 6:30 or 7 she wakes me up at around 4.
She loves her Auntie Aubrey, especially when we go out places with her.
She loves going out anywhere, and also watching other kids or babies.

We are just enjoying every little moment with this sweet, spunky little girl.

I won a prize!

I never win anything, so you could imagine my excitement when the manager from smith's call me and told me that I won a Holiday dinner. There I am with my certificate to purchase everything necessary for a big ole meal, including the floral centerpiece. Happy Holidays to me!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rosalie had a photo shoot

Rosalie had a photo shoot with McKenzie Deakins, and it was great, she looked adorable and McKenzie did an awesome job. I was so excited to actually get her pictures done for six months/Halloween. Check out her blog, and totally schedule your pictures with her, she is fantastic and friendly