Wednesday, May 25, 2011

April 2011- Strawberries and Rosalie's Birthday

I have been a bad blogger lately, sorry. Here is an update of what we did last month.
We went to the strawberry farm, and then made some yummy freezer jam. Rosalie hates getting her picture taken lately and will just not hold still.
She is purposefully not looking at me in this picture and is scowling to let me know she doesn't want her picture taken. Silly girl. She just never stops moving.
She was trapped, so I could catch her face on camera. And she was showing me her strawberries that she was eating. She ate a bunch of them and just wanted the whole bucket full.
Look mom a half smile, haha she is a cheese ball.

We celebrated Rosalie's 2nd birthday, I cried because my baby is growing up. But we had a really fun day with my family who drove down to see her. After Rosalie woke up the table was decorated with roses from Sean and a bunch of balloons blown up just for her and all of her gifts, she was so excited to see everything and everyone, but we did not get a picture of the display.

Opening a gift, she loves tearing the wrapping paper.
Here she has noticed that there are princesses on the paper, so cute!!!!
On her "car" from Grandma and Grandpa. She loves to press the button to make it go, but will no longer sit on it, she is terrified that it will move. So funny.
Rosalie's birthday dinner, one of the few times she actually sat at the table. She just wanted to explore the restaurant the entire time.
Rosalie was terrified of that bear at the restaurant, she just wanted to get away from it.
Watching Mickey cartoons on Aubrey's Ipad. She LOVED that thing, it was so cute.
Opening another gift, her makeup kit. She loves that thing because she can put makeup on like me and she loves to brush and play with the hair stuff. She is such a mimic.

Gammy and pops also sent her an amazing sand and water table which I don't have pictures of it being opened, but she absolutely loves it and I have pictures of her playing with it for another post.
She loved the candles on her cake, she blew them out twice, and we even made her pancakes with candles for breakfast. I think the candles were one of her favorite parts of the day.
Digging in before we could get it away from her.
Sneaking a bite of the cake first. She is so funny.

We had a really great rest of the month too, I just don't have pictures. My mom has them on her camera. We went to Austin for Stephen's Mission farewell and Easter and my mom's birthday, all on the same day. And then we stayed a week to hang out with Stephen and the family before he left on his mission. It was a nice week and Rosalie loved hanging out in the yard with Elvis and exploring. She loves outside and she loves dogs, so it was a perfect combination. Other than that we haven't been up to much. I will add more pictures and posts soon and vow to be better at this.