Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rosalie's song

Rosalie has recently started singing random songs all of the time. She likes to pretend to play on her guitar purse and sing a song and makes me dance. She is so entertaining and we love it. Sorry that the video is upside down, the phone is not very clear on which way to hold it in order for the movie to be the right way.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

August Recap

Blurry I know, she moved last second, but here we are having a tea party with her puppy and she is pouring the tea and stirring it with a spoon. So fun.
I made a baby car seat cover, it was a fun easy craft.
Rosalie learned the joy of watercolors. She has a love of arts and crafts like me, it is so fun. The only thing is that when I went to clean it all up she threw a huge tantrum.
Sean worked from home one morning so I could do my glucose test early and he could stay with Rosalie. This is what I found when I got back.
Rosalie started carrying around her stuffed puppy everywhere. So I showed her she could put it in her little purse, she thought that was really nifty.
Snuggles with her dad. I just love watching the relationship between these two. He loves her so much and she adores her dad, it is so great, he is so loving and affectionate with her. She is using his hand as a pillow if you can't tell.
Rosalie loves to color, sometimes she colors herself.
We spent a week with my family. Rosalie loves her uncle Grey, and would sit next to him whenever he was around.
Every time we are at the store and see bikes Rosalie wants to "ride" them. She hasn't figured out how to peddle, but her feet finally reach the peddles. We should probably get her one this winter when we can actually enjoy the outdoors. She also insists on wearing a helmet, what a safety conscious little girl.
Snuggling with Uncle Grey again.
Rosalie also learned to love playing with playdough. She loves to make little men and put buttons on them. That is my only cookie cutter I own, so she uses it to play. It is really cute, except that she demands we sit with her and pretty much do it all for her aside from putting the buttons on.
New toy at the grocery store, she insisted on riding Pooh Bear. We had just seen the Winnie the Pooh movie with her, which she loved, so she was really excited to find him at Walmart.
Rosalie began liking dress up. She had only ever worn dress up shoes, but this month she started liking to wear the jewelry and hats too.
My belly started to get bigger, this is around 29-30 weeks.
Rosalie got a box of new clothes from her Gammy and absolutely loves this dress, if you notice she is wearing her clip on earrings and there are necklaces next to her which she was spinning for the picture.

The month of August was hot, we didn't do much outside other than swimming and we played at home and watched a lot of movies (I feel bad admitting that one). Rosalie had love affairs with Monster's Inc., All Dogs Go to Heaven, and Tangled. She also started to do a lot of imaginative play which was a lot of fun, and she had a vocabulary explosion. She learned a bunch of new words and is saying all sorts of funny sentences. She also was battling constipation, which is an on going issue. Something I really have no idea what more to do about, we have seen the dr and are giving her stuff, but I think she has a mental aversion to going #2. Until that clears up she is still only semi-potty trained. Oh well, she is just growing so fast and sometimes I don't mind keeping her in diapers and having her still be a baby. We love her so much. August was a good month.

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Some of Sean's Vacation

Astros Game, not exactly Sean's vacation week, but I'll count it.
Watching the Fireworks, Rosalie did not like the sound they made. And as we were leaving the stadium she kept saying, mean fireworks.
4th of July we went to the park and nearly melted.
Fireworks at the Astros game.
Grocery Shopping, she loved that helicopter.
Yogurtland, finally reopened in time for Sean's vacation week. We went as a family and Rosalie absolutely loved it.
Moody Gardens. Sean's phone had all of the pictures from the Aquarium Pyramid, mine are all from the Rainforest Pyramid. So that's all you will see.
Rosalie is looking at a butterfly on the flowers, she was so good and didnt' grab them, but absolutely loved looking at them. It was really hot and humid in this area, and she did not want to leave it. I will have to take her to the butterfly museum sometime here in Houston, she just loves nature.
There were all sorts of animals in the Rain Forest Pyramid. Most were in areas we couldn't really get close. There were bats, and parrots, some sort of big cat, turtles, fish, and these monkeys. The monkeys were loose and walked up so close to us we could almost touch them. It was incredible. And when we were leaving they started calling out to us like they wanted us to come back.
We went to a swimming area that is a really small lazy river and a few slides. Rosalie really enjoyed it, but was getting worn out because she did not have a nap. So we got dressed to leave and Sean bought her an ice cream treat. She LOVED it.
In the car on the way home, she fell asleep mid drawing. She was so so tired, she didn't even stay awake until we got on the free way which was about 5 minutes from where we were parked. So fun!

The rest of the week we spent swimming at our apartment pool. And hanging out around Houston. Sean also had a fun eye dr appointment, and dentist appointment. I'm sure he loved using his vacation days for that. We were so glad to have that week in July to spend as a family, I should have documented it then, but I'm lazy lately.