Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ruth is 2 months

Tummy time. She doesn't normally lift her head much, she uses tummy time to find her fist and suck on it. Although she does have a strong neck and can hold her head really well.
She was not too pleased about me wanting to take pictures, she just wanted to nap.
Our little cheetah girl. She is just adorable, and we love her. I have found that this month has been easier. I have figured her out more and know what her cries mean, and what she wants. She does't really cry too much, just if I make her wait a really really really long time to eat, or when she wants to go to sleep. She hasn't quiet figured out how to fall asleep on her own. It takes a lot of effort on my part, bouncing, rocking.... We are going to start working on that soon though. She is also starting to form a pattern for her day and that makes things much easier too. She still wanted to eat every 2 hours until this past week and we were able to stretch it to every 3 hours. Finally I can have a little more of a break.
She is just beautiful, I love baby skin that is so soft and pink.
Ruth loves her mobile. Rosalie loves to climb in the crib and watch it go around with her. They just smile and Rosalie laughs and it is so cute.
Rosalie "holding" Ruth.
It got really cold one day so I put this hat on Ruth. I think she looks so cute in it.

More things about her at 2 months:
She is very smiley.
She loves to lay on the floor and look around, especially at the TV or bright lights.
She prefers to keep her head turned to the right, although she is able to turn it to the left.
She cries really hard for Sean and when he hands her to me she stops, making him feel bad.
She likes to fall asleep with her head buried in the crook of my arm, covering her eyes.
It takes a lot of effort to get her to sleep.
At night she goes about 4 hours in her bed, then wants me to snuggle her the rest of the night.
She is not the easiest sleeper.
Her goopy eye went away this week.
Her herniated belly button is starting to go away.
She holds her head even when I pull her up to the sitting position.
She hates the bassinet.
She loves sleeping in her carseat, bouncy seat, or swing.
She loves wearing hats, she sleeps way better when I put one on her.
She is generally very happy, she only cries when she can't fall asleep, and when I make her wait to eat.
We love our Ruth.

New Year

To bring in the new year, we made homemade ice cream and root beer floats.
Rosalie said her resolution was to take over feeding Ruth for me. Just kidding, but that is what she told us she is doing in this picture.
snuggling sisters.
"feeding" Ruth again.
The new year brought out Ruth's smiles. She just became such a happy girl, her cold also went away.
smiling. It was really hard to capture it and hold the camera.
She loves watching her big sister, she is just mesmerized by Rosalie.
She doesn't look too happy, but they really love laying down next to each other, it is really cute.

Christmas in Austin

Rosalie had her first lesson in gift wrapping from her dad.
Rosalie dressed up as Rudolph.
Ruth did too.
Rosalie spent most days outside in the freezing cold playing in the backyard. We were ill-prepared for the cold so she just borrowed a hat and gloves. She didn't seem to mind the weather though, and had a really great time tromping around with the dog.
Rosalie and Coco looking outside. They were such buddies the whole time.
Rosalie saying cheese, while eating a Christmas cookie.
Ruth all smiley and happy.
sweet girl.
Christmas eve jammies, snuggling with Aunt Aubrey.
Nice photography work of Sean's. Us coming down the stairs at 6AM Christmas morning.
Rosalie checking out her haul.
Opening her American girl doll from Nama and Hapa.
The scooter and helmet that Santa brought.
Grumpy in her beautiful Christmas dress from Gammy and Pops. She loved it, she saw herself in the mirror and said she was a princess and began to twirl. So cute.
Ruth in her cute dress from Marci. We have a beautiful dress for her too, but I was scared she would ruin it with spit up.

We had a really fun Christmas hanging out with my family. We went to Pappasito's on Christmas eve and chowed down all all sorts of yummy treats. We had Christmas dinner with our family friends the Tueller's, and Rosalie had a blast playing with their daughter Olivia, who is a senior in high school. She had so much fun with all of her toys on Christmas. It was so much fun doing Christmas with her at this age. She got some paper dolls and legos, and she enjoys making Sean play both of those with her. She loves her basketball hoop too, but is not quiet coordinated enough to throw it in, she is working on her dunking skills right now. We had a great time.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Festivities

First we trimmed the tree while listening to Christmas tunes.
Rosalie's favorite is Mariah Carey Christmas cd. for a while that was all she would let us play.
Next, Rosalie helped put up the stockings.
Then we made some gingerbread.
Rosalie sampled the dough first.

We turned that dough into a house.
Beautiful isn't it?
Then a crazy elf named Elf came to hang out.
Rosalie and Ruth all dolled up in their Christmas red.

Then we visited the big man himself, Ruth was screaming so we spared him the agony of holding her at that time.
Then we got some yummy treats from friends, and Rosalie ate them all.

Christmas at my parents' house to follow.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ruth 1 Month Photos

I realize this is a month late. I dressed Ruth up in the little dress that was mine, and that I put Rosalie in when she was a baby and I took her 1 month pictures. It is crazy looking at them now and seeing how much she has grown in this last month. At one month she was still just a little eating, sleeping, pooping machine with a bad cold. She only liked to sleep in our arms, had very few times during the day of being awake. She mostly was awake in the late evening and didn't want to go to sleep until around 11 or 12. She wanted to be rocked or bounced and was pretty exhausting. She didn't cry much, unless you put her down and she wanted to be held. Here are a few of the pictures of her. I also threw one in of Rosalie at the bottom. They look almost identical. You can tell it isn't Ruth because there is a different bow on the headband.

This one is Rosalie, can you tell? Even their hair looks the same at this point, because Rosalie's darkened a little and Ruth's has lightened. But I still think that Ruth's hair is darker than Rosalie's ever was.