Friday, March 11, 2011


I have been a terrible blogger lately because I have been a terrible photographer lately. But here are a few from my phone.
Rosalie just loves to be naked lately, it is so funny.
She loves laying down like this to watch her movies.
Making faces.
She didn't want to do a photo shoot, but since I put her hair in pigtails and she insisted I do the same, I made her take some pics.
She wanted me to make that face.
Cute pigtails.
Sleeping Beauty!
She loves her Cinderella doll, she wants to take it everywhere with her. Thanks Grandma!

Rosalie is so much fun and we just totally love spending time with her. She is so talkative and knows exactly what she wants. It is pretty funny listening to her. She also sings and dances and loves watching movies with lots of fun music in them. She loves her snacks and she loves playing with her friends. She loves reading books. It was the cutest thing the other night, she made me read like 50 verses in the scriptures the other night, she just kept demanding that I read. As long as she has her own scriptures in front of her then she will sit still and listen. She is also really great about praying, it is so cute to hear her repeat us. She is just growing up so fast, and sometimes it makes me sad. She will be 2 in 5 weeks and I just can't believe how fast that has snuck up on us.

Sean is busy working, it is busy season you know. He seems to like the work, the stuff he does is interesting and challenging to him and he enjoys that. He has started doing some stuff in Austin and we might be going there for his work every once in a while. He has also enjoyed spending time with Rosalie and playing at home and reading to her and playing piano and guitar with her.

I have been busy baking. I have learned to make cinnamon rolls/orange rolls, dinner rolls from the Lion House, whole wheat bread, tarts, and a few other things. I just love food and baking and decided to try out new things. I just love doing things around my house and making it a better place and improving my skills at those types of activities.
Rosalie and I also keep busy hanging out with friends at the park, going to the zoo, going on walks and anything we can to enjoy the beautiful weather here. We will probably spend the summer in the pool once it starts to get hot, so we might as well enjoy the cooler air now.

I promise I will be better at blogging and picture taking from now on.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Book Review

For all of you who love to read you should really check out this book. It is a cute cute cute novel and easy entertainment. I would recommend this over the Twilight series any day. It is not mythical vampire crap, but about the old west, but not in the dirty cowboy movie type sense. It is great, I really think it is fun. The best part about it is that Sean's Uncle is the author. Go check it out, you won't be disappointed.