Friday, May 21, 2010

Rosalie's 1 yr. Photoshoot

I am really going to miss living so close to an awesome photographer. McKenzie Deakins is the best, we were lucky to have her around to get pictures of Rosalie this last year. Here are some of the ones she took today. I love them!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Three posts below and more to come about our trip to Cali, enjoy!

Rosalie's Birthday Party

My mom and sister helped out with the decor, I think it turned out great.

Rosalie and Ellie totally enjoyed opening the gifts and playing with them, it was so fun, and they were so cute!

Rosalie enjoyed her pizza and her cake, she was very upset with us when we took the cake from her. She had had so much candy that day we just didn't want her to get a sugar rush. She definitely had an amazing time. It was so great having all of our family there to celebrate with us. Rosalie is such a special girl, we are so blessed to have her in our family.

A few things she is up to lately:
-started taking a few steps by her party, and now she pretty much walks all over
-says several things, you just have to interpret them her favorites are uh-ho, oh no, no, and uh-huh
-she stacks her blocks and then knocks them down
-she plays pretty well independently
-she loves to throw balls, lately she picks one up that is as big as her and carries it around and laughs
-she loves to snuggle and rock any soft thing we hand to her
-she loves dogs, and yells dog whenever she sees one, while we were in Cali she knew Lucy was around and would yell dog really loud until she found Lucy
-she loves books, but not when we try to read them to her, she just likes to look at them on her own
-she tries to feed herself with a spoon or fork and gets annoyed when we try to feed her or cut up her food
-the list could go on, but my hands are getting carpel-tunnel so I will spare you
hope you enjoyed our little monsters birthday pictures

Sean's Graduation

My Seanie graduated with his Bachelor and Masters in accounting a couple of weeks ago. We are so proud of everything he did to accomplish this goal. Way to go Sean!!!! Below is our traditional jumping graduate shot.
We celebrated the occasion by going to lunch with Sean's family at GoodWood. Then after the ceremony my family joined us at our house for dessert. It was a pretty crazy day considering my sister was graduating as well. I'm just so proud of Sean and Aubrey for all of the hard work they put in to get their degrees.

Rosalie's Birthday

On Rosalie's actual birthday we had a fun day as a family. Rosalie woke up early as usual and had a yummy birthday breakfast of waffles and strawberries. Then we played and after her morning nap Aubrey joined us and we went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Rosalie got to ride in her big girl car seat for the first time, and she seemed to love it. Rosalie enjoyed her bread, bananas, and pizza. We had a great time together. Rosalie and Sean then got some cute little birthday sundaes and we sung to them. It was a fantastic day, we enjoyed celebrating Rosalie.