Thursday, November 29, 2007

The internet

So the past couple of days the internet has not worked in our house. First we thought it was because of the router, so I called India and talked to them ( see previous blog to understand how that went). Then I called BYU office of IT and was on and off the phone for 4 hours maybe even 5 to try and get the problem fixed. However unconvenient that was, I find not being able to use the internet like the end of the world. I do so many things on the internet: facebook, email, blackboard,, google,, etc. I just don't think I could handle not having the internet for much longer, luckily today they fixed it. But really I am so dependent. I love to check my email and see if I got anything new, and I spend countless hours on facebook and watching tv shows that I missed. I guess that I should be spending less time on the internet and try finding more useful ways to spend my time. I guess I should read more and study more and try to be more intellectual and intelligent. I guess I am just a big time waster because I don't really want to do my homework. The truth is I just don't like school, so I am trying to just turn my mind into mush every chance I get.


I have decided that it just isn't fair that we outsource to India because it is cheaper. I mean I understand that the people there need the money, but so do people in the United States that speak clear english. It is very frustrating when you are having problems with your computer or your router and so you have to call the customer service line and you have to talk to someone that you don't clearly understand which makes you even more frustrated. I just have to say that it would make for a lot less angry customers if the service people were easily understood and that they didn't hang up with you because you were annoyed with them.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Bank is so Annoying!!!!

I have had the most annoying experiences with the bank lately. I have never ever had any problems with them before. But now there is a typo in their system and someone else has the same social security number as I do. They are not using it because I checked my credit on you know like in the commercials. But this silly typo that is the bank's fault is keeping me from getting a credit card from them because they messed up my life. Then I go to check my statement online, which I have been doing for several years, and all of a sudden it tells me that I do not have an online account. So not true. I have had an online account forever. To resolve this I try to call their customer service line, but of course for that you have to have your account number memorized, I used to, but I switched accounts and just haven't had the time to stick all of those numbers into my brain, so I can't get any help. So the next step would be to actually go into the bank, but since I'm on campus and it is a Tuesday at 11:00 am when I figure all of this out, the bank is closed due to retarded devotional. No one good is speaking today anyways. I am almost to the point where I want to switch banks, but that would be another hassel in itself. This really sucks!