Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Rosalie!

1st day of life
1 Year Old

You have grown so much and we are so lucky to have you, Love you tons!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Our little family together.
The Easter bunny brought Rosalie a sweet basket, and he hid it for her to find.
On her own without any coaxing Rosalie found the Easter basket, I was not quite ready for her to find it.
Enjoying the spoils.
Easter table, food is not ready yet.
Our Easter girls before their egg hunt. Yest I made Mimi and Aubrey participate because we didn't have any other little kids, and Rosalie just thought all of the eggs were balls and would throw them.
Climbing up the stairs "collecting" eggs.
Enjoying the eggs, she is a very funny girl. She still finds the eggs in our house, I haven't stored them yet, and says ball and then throws them in and out of the bucket they are in. We had a very fun Easter, it was great to make a feast and have company to enjoy it. We missed our family though, but it was fun to have a piece of each here with us. Love you Aubs and Mimi!