Sunday, August 14, 2011

July 2011 in Pictures

I've been terrible at blogging, and taking pictures with anything other than my phone. So here is July, minus the week of Sean's vacation which has so many pictures it deserves its own post.Shopping at Costco, Rosalie loves the samples.
She also loves to smell the flowers.
Belly shot at around 22-23 weeks.
Favorite pastime of Rosalie is making faces into the camera of my phone, with it facing her so she can see of course.
Eating breakfast in a bucket.
Playing with mom's jewelry, I'm now missing 2 pairs of earings, but I think I lost them not her.
She was obsessed with laying in the baby bassinet one day. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Ruth gets here because Rosalie is always trying to commandeer the baby stuff.
Yogurtland, a family favorite. Rosalie has to have her own, there is no sharing it with her because she eats it all!
Helicopter at Walmart, she loves that thing as long as you don't put money and turn it on. I'm fine with that, sometimes I tell her it is broken though so that I don't have to sit there with her for 5 minutes. Poor kid.
Eating frosting off the beater. She loves baking.
French braid. She kept moving so I didn't get a good picture, but I was so excited about it.
Swimming with dad, another favorite pass time.
Keeping cool in the pool, something we did for most of the month of July. It is so hot here.
Chilaxin and watching tv with snacks. Notice the arm behind her head, it is so funny to me that she lays like that.
Walking to get the mail and making me hold on to her stuffed animal's hand, unfortunately I didn't get a great pic of it.
Donuts, one of her favorite treats. But she mostly just picks the parts with frosting and sprinkles off and leaves the cake part.
Pigtail braids, her hair is getting so long, I love it.
Pigtails, so much fun.
Ouchies, this is actually a really long story. Rosalie scraped her ankle, no big deal. But then she sliced her toe pretty bad, more than a scrape but not needing medical attention. So I was washing it out and trying to stop the bleeding and holding her and she passed out. So then we ended up in the Dr. office for the afternoon trying to find out why she passed out. We think it was a combination of low blood sugar, because Rosalie refuses to eat breakfast and this was at like 10 AM, and being scared from having her first cut that bled a lot. She got her finger pricked at the Dr. to check her blood, but she ended up being fine at that point because I had pumped her full of juice and a sucker and lots of snacks. It was pretty scary seeing my baby so pale, her color took forever to return, and luckily Sean was working from home that day and was able to help calm me down when everything happened. I'm just grateful she is ok and that it was nothing major, but at the time I was a crazy person.
And last, a belly shot at around 25-26 weeks.

We had a great month and are just happy to have each other and do fun things together. I am going to try to get the pictures from Sean and will post our staycation week then.