Monday, June 28, 2010

Recap on the month of June

The month of June has been a busy one. We have been enjoying ourselves at Seven Peaks and Sean has been busy studying for the CPA exam and working very hard. Here are some of our highlights.Rosalie's first day going to Seven Peaks, she was so funny looking in her bathrobe before I got her all dressed in her swimming gear before we left. She would not stay still and kept trying to get my camera.Pouring her snacks into her toys, she is so mischievous lately it makes me laugh.
At Stephen's graduation in TX. We definitely had an interesting flight there and back, but we survived. Isn't she so cute with her Auntie?
The High School graduate and parents.
Proud sister.

The family. Rosalie was so tired, I'm pretty sure she conked out on my shoulder right after this picture was taken.
Sleeping at Grandma's house, such a funny position.
Father's day. She loves her dad, and he is so wonderful to her. I have been so bad about posting lately that I didn't get a tribute out to him or my dad on Father's day, I really wish I had. Both of them are such amazing men and I am grateful for all that they do. I love Sean, we are lucky to have him, and Rosalie is super lucky he is her dad.
Watching her videos. Sometimes it is so nice to just sit her down to watch her movies like this. It was a life saver on our flight to TX, I forgot to charge it on our way back though and it was sorely missed. She loves her Einstein videos now, it is great.
Cute pigtails. Rosalie is getting so big, her hair is getting long, and she is just growing up. She now loves to climb up on the couch and on chairs and she knows to move things to use them as steps, she is just too smart. She says so many new words and it is fun to watch her learn new things. She absolutely loves other kids and is enjoying the pool a lot. She is a little fish, luckily she does not let go of me in the water so that I have some peace of mind. We are just so in love with our little monster.