Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have 7 days left as a BYU student and I can't believe it. It has gone by so fast and I can't believe it. I never thought I would make it to graduation, it always seemed so far away. One week from yesterday I will be done with finals forever, and then a week from tomorrow I will be walking in my hopefully new dress and cap and gown and getting my fake diploma (they mail the real one to you). Then I will go on my dream vacation to a tropical paradise in Costa Rica, which I am not in shape for like I had planned. I am so so so excited. This just all seems so surreal. After I get back from my trip I will be working full time, which I have done before just never as a college graduate. Maybe they will give me some more responsibility, I doubt it though, they all treat me like a kid that doesn't know anything at work. Oh well, I am excited to be done and anyone who wishes to join us at my convocation is welcome. My make-shift announcement is below.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Nursery

This past year Sean and I have been called to be Nursery teachers, and we LOVE it! Our little Nursery kids are fantastic. We have had so much fun teaching them. I am just so sad that the end of the school year is coming and that they are all moving away with their families. These pictures are of just a few of the kids that we have had, not everyone is in these pictures. I am really going to miss these kids they are so funny and we have really just enjoyed having them every other Sunday.

Sean's Birthday Bash

Yesterday was Sean's birthday, he is now 24. I am having so much fun, so far the birthdays that I have celebrated with him have been the best for me, so I hope that he feels the same way about spending his birthdays with me. I know he had a fun day though because he told me that this was his best birthday ever so far. He used my gift in the morning, I got him a range pass to go hit balls at the golf course and a golf shirt and some new golf tees. Then he opened his gifts from his parents and got a new shirt, new jeans, new church pants, and a gift card for whatever. Then we went to dinner at Brick Oven and Mike and Marci got Sean a gift card to Best Buy. Immediately he knew what he wanted, so we went straight to Best Buy after dinner and bought Rock Band and played it all night long with the whole family, even Rick got into it. It was so much fun. After everyone left Sean used Mimi's gift for itunes and bought a couple new c.d.'s, I really think he had the most fun ever. He is so lucky! Happy Birthday my Seanie.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baby crazy

I am baby crazy! I was just talking to some girls from my freshman ward and I am the only one that is not pregnant or doesn't already have a kid, and I have been married longer than some of them. I am soooooooo jealous. I wish we had all the money in the world so that I could get pregnant, have a baby and be a stay at home mom. It is probably not going to happen for a couple of years, but I really wish it could be now. I am so so so excited to be a mom and take care of my kids and play with them and dress them up and teach them things. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I just can't wait. I wish I didn't have to wait. But for now I guess I will just work hard and save money and hopefully we can bring a little monster home in a couple of years.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fool's

Well, as you all know, yesterday was April Fool's day. When a boy at work asked me if I had any pranks planned to pull on Sean, I told him that we don't do pranks we just never think of them. Well I was wrong. I got up yesterday and was getting dressed for the gym when Sean yells, "look a mouse!" I started freaking out, what are we going to do to catch it, where did it come from, why is there a mouse in my house, you know the usual things you say when you see a mouse in your house. While all this is running through my head and I am saying most of it without thinking, Sean says, "haha, April Fool's!" That stinker, I was so not expecting it. I had no way to get back at him, I am just not a fast creative thinker. I guess I'm going to have to think hard over this next year so that I can get him back next April Fool's day.