Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ruth's first 2 weeks and a few other firsts

For her first week at home we started out wating for the pediatrician to clear us so we could leave the hospital, we were finally able to leave around 2pm. Then we took Ruth on her first car ride to Costco, where she went shopping for a few essentials for the first time. Then we went home for a relaxing weekend with just Sean and Ruth and I, while Rosalie stayed in Austin and visited grandma. Rosalie had an amazing time, then came back to us on Monday with grandma.

Sean worked that week and my mom stayed with us and helped around the house. It was nice having her here to entertain Rosalie so that I could once again adjust to having a new baby around. Grandma took us all to Ruth's first trip to chick fil a. Then she took Rosalie to play at toys r us, and to Walmart, and to the butterfly museum. It was a good week, Ruth didn't get too smothered by her sister. Sometime during that week Ruth got her first bath, but it was undocumented. So her second bath has all the pictures, and you will notice her umbilical cord had fallen off by that point, it fell of really early.
all snuggled in her towel after her bathfirst bath together, it was chaos
Rosalie loves to "hold" Ruth, she asks for it all day long.

For Ruth's second week Sean had paternity leave. The first day after my mom left was chaos. Ruth had her first blow out diaper, and her first huge spit up which required me to do a lot of laundry, and Rosalie fell asleep in panties in my bed, and that gave me some laundry to do as well. I spent the whole day doing laundry and feeding a baby every hour( or so it seemed). After that is settled down a bit, Sean took Rosalie to the gym and to run errands every day to ware her out, he also took her on a date to the movies, she was so excited. We had Ruth's first dr appointment and she weighed in at 6 lbs. 9 oz. gaining weight like a champ. She eats so often that it makes sense that she wo use gain fast. Those weeks went by so fast, it is crazy how much they grow in such a short amount of time. We are still trying to figure out how to juggle these two cute girls, but it is fun.
One thing Rosalie did during Sean's paternity leave was to go on her first movie date, she went with Sean to see Puss in Boots and she absolutely loved it.

Some things we had learned about Ruth at this point:
She has pretty curly hair when it gets wet.
Her eyes look like they will be blue.
She loves to eat, and can't seem to fall asleep without nursing, which will be a challenge to get over.
She seems a little mixed up about night an day.
She loves to eat.
She doesn't mind the constant kisses from her sister.
She loves to sleep with her head tilted back at an odd angle.
She falls asleep during tummy time every time, she likes to sleep on her tummy I guess.
And there are more things we are learning each day, we love her.
Of the pictures below, can you guess which one is Rosalie?

this one is Rosalie of course, but they sure do look a lot alike. Not so much in these pictures, but I will post some where they are identical later.


I know this is late, but I had to post some of our festivities because this is the first year that Rosalie was really into it.
First we went to our ward Halloween trunk or treat and she dressed in her pumpkin costume, she even wore the hat the whole time. She loved saying trick or treat and getting the candy and then would say thank you. It was really cute, she did not like the dark hallway set up for the haunted classroom and got a little scared when we walked past that, but the people in costume did not even phase her. After that she ate candy the whole way home in the car, so I hid it from her the next day, and she kept telling me that the ghost had stolen her candy, something she learned from an episode of Little Einsteins.

The next day we went to our apartment complex party and she dressed up as a sea horse. I did not get many good pictures because she is not very cooperative sometimes, but she definitely looked adorable.

Then we went to the Boo at the Zoo and tric or treated at the zoo and walked around and saw the animals. She took the sea horse costume with her but decided that she did not want to wear it, but we had a good time anyways.

On actual Halloween day we spent it with her in her witch costume, and went to buy pumpkins and carved them that night. She was so excited to put fire in the pumpkin because we had just watched an episode of special agent oso where they carved pumpkins and put candles inside. She really enjoyed the entire process and so did we. It is really fun doing the holidays with toddlers who are so excited and love discovering the whole new traditions.
her witch costume, minus the hat
scooping guts, she loved and hated this part, it was funny how grossed out she was, but kept doing it
getting out the guts
wearing her hat to carve the pumpkins
carving the pumpkins

our masterpieces