Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Got my hair cut, what do you think? I got new bangs, I hope I don't look weird. Give me some feedback please, I can take it. Sorry the picture is not great.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mischief Managed

Rosalie loves to get into things she is not supposed to, especially the pantry. Here she found herself some chocolate chips and was going to town. We always know she is up to something when it gets really quiet in the house. She was so pleased with her loot.
The other day she came out of our bathroom with the toilet brush in hand grinning like she had just won a big prize. She found it pretty amusing that I was so disgusted and ran it back to the bathroom.Just now it got quiet and I turn around and Rosalie is attempting to play Sean's guitar.
She looks up at me with the funniest smiles when she gets caught.
Here is a grumpy Rosalie, but with cute pigtails, that was the best picture I could get of them, she climbed on top of me and was flailing her hands in front of the camera.
And now, here is the little flyer. She has finally figured out how to push herself around on the little airplane. It is so stinkin' cute! She sits on it and says wee, and pushes herself backwards. She can only go a little bit forwards, but she is definitely getting the hang of it, and has a blast.
Mischievous smile.
Watching her show while riding the plane. Funny girl.
Another new favorite of Rosalie's is to hide in this closet. Ever since I cleaned it out to pack things for our move she has used it as her own little club house. Here she is playing peek-a-boo with me. Silly girl!
We love our silly Rosalie. She definitely adds to our family and creates entertainment/chaos. She is also learning so many new words and tricks. She spins and plays Ring-around-the-rosies, she walks on tip toes, she sits on the big balls and bounces like a trampoline, she says movie and proceeds to bring us dvd's and even takes them out of the box, she loves to play with little friends, she brings books and sits in my lap and loves to have me read to her, and she loves to take out all of the things from the fridge every time it is opened. She keeps us busy and we are so lucky to have her.