Sunday, January 31, 2010

Latest Project - Quilting

So I didn't get the chance to make Rosalie anything before she was born, and I decided I wanted to make her a blanket, so I looked up online how to do it an voila, a rag quilt:
The hardest part was cutting up the edges after I sewed everything together. It is not perfect, but I had a great time doing it. I think I see more projects in the future.

In other news, my good camera broke this week and is in the repair shop. The man said that someone had dropped it, so something is loose in the lens. It will be back in two weeks, but I was so sad, so no good pictures for a while.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Crafty

So I have several friends that are having babies this winter and decided I wanted to make them a little gift to give them, here is the result for girl gifts, a ruffle bottom onsie.

I used Rosalie as a model, that is the size she just barely grew out of so it fits tight, and she wasn't too thrilled to have me putting anything on her. And yes, I did put it over her pants because it was just so much easier.

I think it turned out cute, what do you think?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

9 Months Out

Rosalie has been out of my belly for 9 months now, the same as she was in-ish. I can't believe how fast the time flies. She is feeling a little sick today, so I didn't subject her to my crazy mom photo shoot. I will do it tomorrow hopefully.
Some of her latest activities include:
-clapping her hands
-crab crawling
-cruising along furniture
-playing under my desk, her favorite spot before she figured out she can get anywhere she wants in the house
-giving hugs and kisses, she loves to snuggle with everything, the couch, the floor, my leg etc.
-pulling all of her toys out of the toy chest, or dolls out of the doll bag
-knocking over towers of blocks
-exploring everything
-dancing to any kind of music
-eating all sorts of new foods

She is so much fun, she still is not afraid of other people, she kind of got like that at around 5 months so maybe she won't be afraid anymore. She is very social and it is great, she loves new people and places. She is so funny when she crawls, I need to get it on the video camera, is just looks hilarious. She has not been sleeping well the last couple of weeks, and I thought it was teething, but still no tooth has appeared, who knows when that will happen.We have been so lucky to have her, I can't believe how fast time flies, she is getting so big!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rosalie's new tricks

Rosalie loves to play catch!

Rosalie loves to make funny noises with her mouth!

Highlights of the Trip

Here are some highlights since I am just catching up on here.
We went to see Sherlock Holmes on Christmas day. It was fun to go to a movie again, we hadn't seen anything together since Harry Potter 6 came out. Sean went golfing at our friend's country club. The girls went out shopping. We went and saw Avatar in 3D, really fun movie. We ate Pappasito's, Rudy's, Brisket, Jimmy John's, Great American Cookie Company, J&J's and Nothing Bundt Cake. We really filled ourselves with some yummy goodness. Rosalie played with my parents each morning from 7-9 while Sean and I slept in, it was fantastic. My brothers built giant towers with Rosalie's toys for her to knock over. We watched movies on the big screen my dad put in the game room, 106 inch screen and blue-ray projector. We had family pictures taken. We worked out and went running outside in the nice warmer (not warm though) weather. And we kept Rosalie up way past bed time to try and bring in the New Year. She almost made it, it was her that was refusing to sleep, I wasn't trying to keep her up on purpose. And then we had a crazy flight home on New Year's day. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with family and the time we spent in TX, we have never been able to stay for so many consecutive days there together, so it was great. I was of course terrible at taking pictures, but we have a few from the family photo shoot.
Our little family.
Big girl walking while holding onto Daddy's hands.
Proud Grandparents!
My beautiful sister Aubrey.
My cute brother Stephen.
My cute brother Grey.
Rosalie flying to me, she loves it!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Traveling on Christmas Eve and Festivities

It was a pretty crazy day traveling on Christmas Eve, we started the day at 4:45 when Rosalie woke up. I fed her and we took off for the airport. We were so lucky to have great friends, the MacDonald's, who gave us a ride so early in the morning. We got to the airport and the line was pretty long to check our luggage, but it went by pretty quickly. We made it through security with no problems and were on our way. The flight was ok, Rosalie wasn't terribly restless, and I was able to get her to sleep for a little while. If I moved she would wake up, so it was a little bit difficult, and she was very sweaty so it was hard to stay still. We made it to TX in a daze and met up with my brothers and dad. Once we got to the house we had a yummy brisket sandwich for lunch and just rested for a little while before Rosalie got to 0pen her first gift, the Christmas PJs. Then we went to the Coleman's house for our traditional Pappasitos dinner for Christmas eve. We had a great time and were completely stuffed.
Here is Rosalie in her cute PJ's.

Well, I am terrible at pictures when we are actually doing something, so I didn't take any on Christmas morning, but we did get a video that Sean will edit and I can post sometime soon. We had a fabulous Christmas morning and Rosalie enjoyed ripping up the wrapping paper and then later playing with her gifts. It was a great day and a wonderful First Christmas with Rosalie. More to come on our fun trip!