Saturday, September 25, 2010

September is flying by

We have been keeping busy this month by having lots of fun!!! We have explored some oHouston, but the humidity and rain has kept us mostly indoors.
We have experienced a couple of tropical storms and found that Rosalie is terrified of thunder. She just wants us to hold her every time she hears thunder, and it wakes her up.

First thing we did was enjoy the Museum of Natural Science and the Butterfly Museum. We saw the dinosaurs and jungle animals and gemstones and minerals, then we went and saw lots of bugs. Rosalie loves butterflies, she says bu-er-by for butterfly, and moves her little hands to show how the fly. We tried to teach her to do it like Napoleon Dynamite does it in the move. The butterfly museum is great for kids, they have all sorts of insects and bugs in little enclosures to look at, then you walk into a jungle like area that is filled with beautiful plants and butterflies everywhere flying free. Rosalie loved that place, and of course I forgot my camera.

Next thing we did was take Rosalie to the Aquarium to see the fish. She LOVED the fish. She even got to touch some stingrays and see a tiger, a random part at the end of the exhibit, but she thought it was awesome. We also got to ride a ferris wheel, a train, and a carousel, but she didn't think they were as fun as the fish and tiger.

Mammy's turtle!

She just kept saying wow to the fish, it was really cute, they totally baffled her.

Then we went to visit my family in Austin. We had a blast, Rosalie chased the dog around the house and fed him snacks. We also did some shopping, and then Sean came and we just hung out with the family. As usual I did not take pictures.
We have had the chance to see some friends while we've been here, and go swimming, and go to the park, and go on runs, and go to the gym. We are just loving having this time together.
Rosalie is loving going to the gym kid's center, and she has started doing all sorts of new fun things. She now colors, for a very short time. She talks a lot more. It is surprising how fast she picks up new words, and I love hearing her try to repeat us. She loves babies, and when we take pictures she demands to see the baby in the picture. She still loves animals the most, and so we have little toy animals and rubber lizards that she enjoys playing with. She has started to love doing songs with movements, like head-shoulders-knees-and toes, itsy bitsy spider, popcorn popping, wheels on the bus etc. She loves music, and dancing, and the guitar and piano. She absolutely loves chocolate, sweets, and pretty much anything with sugar.
eating a nutella and peanut butter sandwich, she thought it was divine.

Charlie Chaplin goatee thingy from a chocolate bar she ate, so funny.

She loves bubble baths.
She loves this box, it is her playhouse.

She loves playing with her bows and shoes.

She puts on her own shoes, except for her boots which she hasn't figured out yet. She sometimes pretends to be shy and puts her head on our shoulders and won't look at new people, or she doesn't want me to put her down and will cling to my neck and arms, so cute. She hates when I do her hair in ponytails or pigtails, but I try anyway. I can't get her to keep headbands on anymore, but she calls them pretties because I called the pretty to try and get her to keep them on.
She doesn't really enjoy the weather here, and neither does Sean, nobody loves humidity, but we will get used to it. It is really fun being near my family so that she can spend time with them. I haven't been this close in proximity to my family for a few years, so I'm enjoying it. I just wish the world were smaller sometimes so that we could be closer to all of the people we love, someone needs to invent an easier way to travel fast.
We still have a few fun things we haven't gotten around to because of weather or diaper rash preventing us. We plan on going to the beach and to the zoo and to the children's museum. I have found on Tuesdays and Thursdays after a certain time all of the museums and stuff are free, so we have taken advantage of that. We have also been trying out lots of places to eat, so far our favorite was an authentic New York Pizza place, gotta love Houston and the food diversity choices.
We have plenty of room here for visitors, so if anyone wants to come see us in Houston we would love to have you. That's all for now folks...

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Move

Somehow we survived the move. It was a crazy week leading up to our trek to Houston. Linda came to visit and help us pack, we are so grateful, and we had so much fun.
We went to Sammy and Ben's wedding.Rosalie got to meet Abuela Marcia at the wedding. It was such a long day and Rosalie was a really good sport about it all. We were happy to have the opportunity to see family one last time before leaving Utah.At first Rosalie enjoyed the packing and all of the boxes, she loved to climb in them, and use them as her little huts. By the end of the 2nd week of intense packing she was more than annoyed and concerned. Every time I would put things in a box and start taping it shut she would start to cry. I think she did not like us putting everything away that she knew and was comfortable with.

My mom came to bring my little bro Stephen up to BYU and move him into the dorms.
The morning of the day we left we sent Rosalie off on the plane with my mom, thanks a million for taking her. Then some awesome guys from the ward, my little bro and his roommate, Sean and Rick all did the heavy lifting and got everything into the truck before 1:00 pm. By 2:30 we were on the road to Texas. We made it to Gallup, New Mexico the first day and stayed there for the night. Then we got up as early as we could, we were all exhausted, and drove all the way to San Antonio. We stayed really close to the River Walk and the Alamo. Rick went and ran on the River Walk, and as we were leaving we drove by the Alamo. Sean's comment was, "that's it." He couldn't believe it was so small and felt that we Texans talk it up. I think that he just doesn't understand the history behind it, I never said it was a big building.
We arrived in Houston on Monday, and after a little delay in the apartment office, we proceeded to unload the truck, in the pouring rain. Sean's friend Jamie came to help, and he was awesome, we could not have done it without him. We were done by four and started unpacking boxes. It was great to get so much done in such a short time. Rick left on Tuesday, and Rosalie came back home on Wednesday. We tried to get a lot done before she got here so that it would feel like home. She has adjusted pretty well, she has her moments where I'm sure she is worried that something is wrong. She has found her way of beating the heat here, it is pretty much refusing to wear a shirt, and trying to pull it off once I get it on her. We walked around WalMart getting some essentials with her shirt halfway up, as she struggled to remove it. Silly girl! I will post apartment pictures as soon as I feel it is cute enough to document. Below is Rosalie's heat technique.