Monday, May 18, 2009

1 Month

Check out those blue eyes!!!

Rosalie turned one month old yesterday, it is crazy to think I have had her for a whole month. Time goes by so quickly. She is so cute, I know I say it a lot, but it is true. She is a definite joy to our little family, Sean is so cute with her, I love listening to him talk to her like an adult, it makes me laugh.

Here are some of her favorites so far:
She loves sleeping in my arms still, it is very hard to get her to nap during the day, we are doing okay at night though, she will stay in her bed.
She loves to spit up, we have to change our clothes at least once a day due to both of us being soaked in it.
She still loves to poop a lot, or at least she just poops a lot, I don't know if she loves it, she cries every time she goes it is funny.
She loves her bath, I'm sure of it, she is so relaxed and peaceful in the bath.
She loves the pacifier and to try to suck on her hands.
She loves car rides and going driving in the car, she falls asleep every time.
She loves to eat.

Here are some things she does not love:
She does not love tummy time, she cries so hard everytime I put her down, but then she stops as soon as we pick her up.
She does not like dinner time, she will not let me or Sean sit down to eat together, she has to be held and bounced every night, I don't know how she knows it is time for us to eat.
She does not like to be cold, but who does really?

It is so exciting to see her grow, she is getting bigger everyday. I can't wait to put her in her 0-3 month outfits, she is a little borderline on fitting in them and getting out of her newborn stuff. I know it is crazy that she still fits in those at one month, but she is a petite little girl. I love putting the matching little headbands and bows on her, she looks so cute. Now if only her shoes would stay on her. She is a strong little girl, we are so impressed with how steady she holds her head when we hold her up, or sit her up on our laps, and even though she hates tummy time she totally rocks at it, she pushes up and raises her chest and holds her head up for a really long time. She also moves around a lot, I think she will be rolling over soon, she is half way there already.

Well I'm sure you are all tired of reading about Rosalie, but she is the center of my universe right now. Other than her I have just been trying to catch up with sleep and get my apartment all set up and cute looking. I'm hoping to get everything set in the next week. Including hanging all the pictures and that fun stuff. I will try to do something crazy and fun that has nothing to do with Rosalie so that I can post about that. In the mean time hope you are not too bored.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day as a mother. Rosalie is a little young to celebrate me as her mom, but it was still lots of fun. I had many surprises. My parents sent me an edible arrangement that got here on Friday, it is fruit cut like flowers and arranged in a pot. It was really yummy. Then we went to the Hartley's to celebrate, and I got a card and beautiful flowers from Linda and Rick, and Sean's Aunts all got me nice little gifts. It was so much fun, and so far being a mom is amazing. I love Rosalie so much already, and I am so lucky to have her. I'm also so lucky to have two wonderful mothers in my life, my mom and Sean's mom. They are both amazing women and great examples to me of what a mother should be. I am grateful for both of them and for the things that they do for my little family. I love you both, Happy Mother's day!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rosalie is 3 weeks

She is so good and it is so fun to have her around. So far her favorite things to do are to eat, poop, sleep, be held, and sit in the bouncy chair. She loves her dad, and will snuggle with him whenever he is around. I couldn't get her to pose very well this morning for a cute picture, but her outfit is so cute I had to post it anyway.
She loved her little bathrobe that Gammy got her, I put it on her while we were waiting for her cute outfit to finish drying.

She loves her bath, I think, she keeps that funny face on the whole time, but she is calm and seems to like it when I splash the water on her, and wash her hair.

Here she is dancing on dad's belly, he sings and bounces her and it calms her down every time she gets fussy. And yes, sometimes she does get fussy, but for the most part she is a little sweetie.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 Week Stats

Rosalie is getting so big. I can't believe she is growing out of her newborn clothes already and she is just so dang cute. We had her Dr. appointment today and here are her stats:

Length- 20.5 in.
Weight- 7.45 lbs.

She has grown a whole inch and a half since she was born and she has gained half a pound. It is crazy how fast babies grow. But she is still so tiny and so much fun. We love her!!!!