Monday, March 30, 2009

Nesting and 37 Weeks

I guess I'm nesting. I'm washing everything I can that is baby stuff and trying to organize it. It is so hard doing it all when I am just going to move right after the baby is born. I wish we could be in our little house now, but at the same time it doesn't really matter when we move because it is going to be a lot of work I can't help out with anyway. So I am just washing and organizing and waiting.
Only 3 weeks left, hopefully. I really do want her on her due date because it is just the perfect day, no one in either of our families has a birthday that day. If I could show you a calendar of all of the April birthdays you would freak out, so the 18th would be the best for her so it would be special.
I had my last baby shower and it was so fun. The music was great, the decor was awesome, the food was fantastic, and it was great seeing friends and family. Linda did an awesome job with everything, it made me even more excited and prepared for the baby. Now we just have a few last minute things to get and we will be set. I'm really really excited. Here are some pictures of everything we have for the baby from clothes to bedding to strollers. Also there is a picture of my belly minus my face because no I haven't showered yet and Jessica begged me for a picture over a week ago and I just never doll myself up because I'm busy doing nothing. Enjoy. Oh, the picture of the washer and dryer is because they are my new best friends, I'm always standing next to them waiting to do the next load of baby stuff. I think I'm going crazy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Basement Apartment

We got a place!!!! Yay!!!!! I'm so excited about this cute little basement we will call home for the next year an a half. I can't wait to set everything up, it is going ot be so much fun. Here is a link to the blog she used as an advertisement with all the pictures of the place, check it out and let me know how you think I should arrange the furniture. Woohoo!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Made It

We are here in Utah. We made it safe and sound after a very very very long car drive. We thought we would just drive to Albuquerque but we made such great time and thought, "why not go a couple of hours further so we have less of a drive tomorrow." Well we got to the next city, Farmington, NM and found there were no hotels with openings, not joking. The only one available was ridiculously expensive for us to sleep like 7 hours and leave, so we decided we will go on to Moab, it is only four hours from Farmington and it would only be a little past midnight when we arrived. Well once in Moab we rationalized that Layton is only 4 more hours so why not keep on going. So yes, we drove 23 hours straight and arrived at around 5:30 am in Layton. That day we slept in as much as possible and tried to fix our sleep schedule. I don't reccommend driving straight if you are trying to make better time, but if it will save you a couple of hundred dollars then go for it. We just thought why spend money on a stupid hotel when we are going to have to buy baby stuff in just a bit. So that is how we made it to Utah.

Since we have been here we searched for apartments, one is hopefully going to work out and we really like it so please keep your fingers crossed for us. I went to the Dr. and things are going great, I just wish he would have said that she was coming early because I've decided I'm ready to meet her and I'm just way too big.We went to the outlets at Park City and splurged on cute outfits at Carter's which were all on sale. We played risk with Sean's friends, I just watched. We had a bbq with Sean's friends and had a lot of fun listening to the boys tell stories and laughing so hard that I felt like I was going to die. We celebrated Rick's birthday with the most amazing steaks ever. And now we are just waiting. Waiting for the baby, waiting for the apartment, and waiting for all of the fun things for the baby that are supposed to come in the mail. So we are here, we are happy, we are safe, and we are waiting.

Friday, March 6, 2009


So once again I'm packing up to move. Luckily this time I'm only taking days to do it so that I can do a little at a time to give me something to do. It is like we were just on an extended vacation with the amount of stuff I have to pack. We brought hardly anything, so I just have to give the stuff back to the my friends and my family who let us borrow them, throw our clothes and a few kitchen items in the car and we are on our way to Utah. This weekend we are going to get the car ready, I will clean one last time here, and we will have our last hurrah in Houston. I'm trying to decide which restaurant we need to go to before we leave. It has been so much fun, and I'm going to miss the city, but I'm excited to return and start on my Mommy-hood adventure. We are hoping to have a place by then, things are looking up so I can't wiat to get back to Utah and get things going.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Perfection does not exist

I have decided that the perfect place doesn't exist, or at least it eludes me. I am getting really tired of apartment searching and having every possibility snatched up just before I'm ready to make a decision. I hope that when we actually get to Provo it won't be this hard to find a place. I mean is it too hard to ask for a place to have a washer and dryer. That is my only stipulation, and Sean wants cable and internet. But if the price is low enough and it doesn't include cable and internet we will take it and pay that on our own. But I can't just have washer/dryer hookups, I need the real thing, Sean refuses to buy a washer and dryer, even if they are used and only $100. I have tried to persuade him with a cost benefits type thing and it hasn't worked, so I am pleading for all of you who know of apartments in Provo to please keep your eyes open for a 2 bedroom place with a washer and dryer and let me know about it, I would really appreciate it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting too big

It seems I am almost too big to fit behind the wheel, should not have eaten so many donuts. Just kidding. I don't really eat donuts all the time, in fact I have only had them 3 times since I have been pregnant, weird. I feel huge, I hardly fit in the driver seat of the car. Luckily this is Sean's last week of his internship/me driving him to work, otherwise we could be in some serious trouble. I wouldn't be able to take him. It is funny. I'm excited to get back to Utah, but we still don't have a place, I'm going to have to continue the apartment search there, and hopefully we will have a home by April 1st. I'm anxious to get back to the Dr. and see how things are going, I know that sounds weird, especially since I hate doctor's appointment. I guess what I'm really excited for is that going back to Utah means that it is closer to April and closer to the day the baby will be born, which is very exciting!!!!