Saturday, January 29, 2011


We had a really awesome Christmas, here are a bunch of pictures to document it.First night there.
Christmas Eve, being goofy.
In her Christmas Eve Jammies riding around on the plasmacar.

Here she is dancing, you can't tell from the picture, but it is pretty hilarious.
Opening presents, didn't get very many.
Hanging out with Grandpa.
Wearing Christmas gifts and brushing her teeth with her new banana toothbrush, while watching a Christmas movie. All instead of opening presents. Silly girl.

Walking in her new heels.
Hugging cousins, at the animal park. Rosalie loved that little petting zoo. She went crazy.

The girls loved the train, they were laughing so hard.

We had a really fun time visiting Rick and Linda and seeing M&M and their family, and Mimi too. It had been too long since we were all together, and it was a blast. We were really glad to have that time to be carefree and enjoy ourselves and enjoy the season. Rosalie loved being there and having Lucy around, we were so happy that she pulled through her pneumonia (from eating chocolate) and that everything was fine. Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year, I was grateful to be there and have a little escape from real life. We can't wait for our next California vacation.

Friday, January 21, 2011


(Unfortunately the photographer took it right before she smiled and wouldn't take another, so lame)
December was a busy month, which was really good. Rosalie enjoyed everything that had to do with Christmas, the tree, the lights, the candy canes, even Santa. We attended Sean's work party and Rosalie got to see Santa, she was so excited that she ran right to him and sat on his lap. I think all she really wanted was the candy cane though, she is obsessed with them. I am grateful that we had the season to help heal us after a rough November. I am not saying we were better, but we had things to look forward to and that helped.

Rosalie enjoyed playing PS3 with Sean, his early Christmas gift. She holds the controllers and presses the buttons and everything, it is so cute.

The dynamic duo.
Making cookies with me, she jumped right in there when she saw me bring out the supplies, I had to finish them when she was asleep because I couldn't get anything done. I thought it was really cute how much she loved it though. She only eats the frosting though, haha.
We also went and spent a weekend with my family and had a mini Christmas with them. They babysat Rosalie and we were able to go to see Harry Potter 7, it was awesome. Rosalie loved to go and walk the dog while we were there.
And steal baked goods from the counter, she only really licked the frosting off.
We went to see the lights on this crazy culdesac that goes all out for Christmas, one house even had a snow machine. Rosalie loved being with "Ama" and "Bapa."
Then we came home and gave Rosalie her Christmas gift from Santa at our house. She loved the slide and sat on it to watch her shows, slid every toy imaginable down it, and slid down it in all directions.

After that Sean had a busy week at work and we headed out to Cali for some time with the Hartley clan. We had a blast, and I think that deserves it's own post, so until I have more time, I hope this will make you guys happy, and feel a bit more caught up with what is going on.
P.S. Rosalie is growing so much and talking so much, I almost would have to do a daily update to keep up with all of her shenanigans.


November started out just fine, but did not end well, which is the reason for my blogging hiatus. We had planned to go to Florida with my family and when we were about 2 hours away from our destination we got a phone call from my mom. Our friend's plane had crashed and it did not look like there were any survivors. He was the pilot and was flying with his MIL and Uncle. A really thick fog had come over that area all of a sudden and the airport they were landing at did not have to proper equipment to handle it. They missed the runway by 30 seconds air time and landed in the water. We were all devastated. We continued to drive and meet my family and be with them at that time. We arrived at around 2 in the morning, went to sleep, and then got up and helped everyone pack so that we could all go back to TX. We spent Thanksgiving alone. Not because we didn't have many kind offers from people to go be with them, but because we just couldn't handle being with anyone. The following week we attended the funerals. These people were not just our friends, they were our family, and this has forever changed our lives.
I could not find anything happy to blog about for a while, which is why I haven't posted anything. I had so many plans to have beautiful pictures of Rosalie playing on the beach and having fun with my family. But I have nothing. I am still very sad, but things are getting better. I just continue to pray for their family that they will recover from the loss.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sorry my blog stinks. I don't feel like fixing it because nobody really reads it. I don't know if I am going to keep it up or not.