Friday, October 28, 2011

This past week

Well last week I went to my dr appointment and was having a regular day, picked Rosalie up from the sitter and did a couple of things and came home to find we had been broken into. They took all of our electronics and some jewelry and a few random things. It shattered our happy little world. I had been getting everything ready for baby and felt that the house was finally in order and settled and was ready for her to come any day. Luckily she is still hanging out in my belly so that we could pick up the pieces and re-organize. I have had a roller coaster of emotions, hours where I cry uncontrollably, hours where I'm fuming mad, and hours of acceptance, normal emotions of grief.
This last year has beena really bizarre one for our family, we have had trials from all ends of the spectrum but we are still managing. It hasn't been easy, but I'm so grateful for the things we have, and right now I'm so grateful that baby Ruth is about to join our family. She is going to bring joy and happiness that only a new angel from heaven can bring, and I can't wait to meet her. I have anxiety about how I can handle two kids, but I think this will be one of the greatest blessings for us and for Rosalie to have a sister. I know this started out a bit negative, but i had to get through that in order to move on. I'm grateful for my husband who works so hard and supports us, I'm grateful for the love and support we received from our family and friends through this crazy time, and I'm grateful for the gospel and the knowledge I have that gives me strength through trials.
The dr said Ruth will probably be here by November 4th and we just can't wait, I have a list of things I want to get done, and I hope to take Rosalie trick or treating, she has so many costumes and looks cute in all of them, once I can I will post pictures of those. For now there are no pictures for my blog, but soon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Little Family

My 34 week belly, I'm terrible at posing.
Sean and me, he hates this so much.
Sean's face says exactly how he feels about family pictures, but I thought this was cool.
Rosalie's favorite climbing ladder at the park, she doesn't look for pictures, I swear she purposefully looks away and avoids it.
The slide, Rosalie loves that too, she was looking at dogs during this picture.
Rosalie absolutely loves the swing, which is why we thought we would do pictures there. We got some real natural smiles from her. She does not pose for the camera.
We would hold the swing and then make her fly really high, so she would smile, she loved it, and we got a couple of good ones. Ruth is there too, in my belly, but we will probably have to get a few more pictures once she is born.
They seriously adore each other, you can totally see it in this picture. There is nothing I love more than hearing Sean make Rosalie laugh hysterically. Those two have so much fun together, and it really makes me melt. Sean is the best dad and really loves his little girl, it is so fun to see him with her. Although sometimes he gives her what she wants even if I say no, she is sneaky and knows how to manipulate the system already. Thanks to Sean for posing for a few shots, and to Linda for asking for a family picture for her birthday. I finally had an excuse to catch him on camera. And thanks to Nicole for spending time on a Saturday morning to help us out.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I'm seriously lucky to have this girl as my own. She is so much fun and so interested in the world and such a great kid all around. I am excited to give her a sister in a few short weeks, but I'm sad I'm losing my baby. She is so grown up lately, she sleeps in her big girl bed, she cleans her toys, she tries to cook food on her own (this scares me to death). I've decided that these next five weeks I'm going to spend every minute I can just loving her before I get busy with a newborn and lose that time. We will be having lots of craft time--painting and play dough, tea parties, pretend food, baby dolls, trains, playing with little animals, and going on adventures such as the zoo, the park, and whatever else I can manage the energy for. I just want her to know I love her even though I will be super busy soon. She is the best, and she will be an amazing big sister.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

34 Weeks

I've made it this far, only 6 weeks left. If I can make it that long... I keep having lots of contractions, especially at night when I'm trying to get to sleep. I have lots to do, so hopefully it all gets done in time. I also hope that I can keep up with Rosalie these next few weeks. I'm just so slow and tired, and chasing her is tough, as well as bending over to get anything she has thrown or to pick her up... It is definitely a much different experience being pregnant and taking care of a 2 year old. But it is oh so much fun. I am so excited for Rosalie to be a big sister, I just know she will be amazing. She is such a caring little monster, and I call her little monster because sometimes she is just that. I also get so sad sometimes thinking about how I'm going to lose my alone time with her, I really cherish the time we spend snuggling together and playing, I hope that I can still manage to have some time just for her. Well I just thought I would post that pic of my belly, courtesy of Nicole. Hope you all enjoy.