Sunday, January 25, 2009

28 Weeks and Houston fun

I am getting huge. Well at least I feel like it sometimes. I'm starting to worry about how big I am really going to get. I secretly hope she stays small, it would make certain things much easier. With only 12 weeks left I am a bit nervous, I'm not sure I can do any of this, but I guess I will just have to suck it up. She is moving a lot and sometimes likes to get all up in my ribs, it feels very weird. She still doesn't make tons of huge movements. It is like I feel her moving but only every once in a while does she hit me so hard that it shocks me, I'm thinking this is a good thing though. At least I'm not getting beat up. I'm really excited to get back to Utah so that I can set up a nursery and start buying things for her. I think that is the hardest part about being in Texas right now.

Houston is great though. We are having a lot of fun. I got a job working 2-3 days a week at a doggy daycare called Pup Scouts. The puppies totally wear me out, but I am having a blast. I just wish we could get a dog ourselves. Sean doesn't want to until we get a yard, and it would probably be really hard right now with me about to have a baby too. So hopefully in a couple of years we can get a puppy. Sean is enjoying his work and really likes the diversity of the office. I think that his favorite part about Houston is the fact that he can play golf in the middle of January. He has taken the opportunity to go hit balls on several evenings. The weather is really nice lately, well not this weekend, but during the week it was sunny and warm, I love it. We went to the Rockets vs. Jazz game last week and had a really good time. We were able to park at Sean's office building for free which is a couple blocks from the Toyota center. Even though the Jazz lost we had a great time, the game was really close and we had fun cheering for the Jazz, we were probably the only ones. I definitely enjoy the games more in SLC because the crowd is way more into it. Here are some funny pictures of us from the game.Sean is eatin his yummy burger from the game and making a funny face at me, we never get serious pictures of him.Me in my cute Jazz shirt.
There is the Jazz. I could not believe how comfy the seats were at the Toyota Center, they were probably the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in at a sports venue.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Keeping Busy

I have been keeping busy by trying to find a job while we are here. I am hoping to find something so that I don't just sit at home and eat all day. I don't want to look like a giant marshmallow at the end of my pregnancy. I have been going walking, but sometimes it makes my left leg hurt all day and then I end up sitting on the heating pad all evening, it is ridiculous. I also have totally lost my center of gravity or something because I seem to always trip up the stairs, it is ridiculous how clumsy I am now. Oh well, it don't get any better until it has gotten worse first, it will be an interesting next few months. I am really enjoying the city now, I realized that we are living amongst the million dollar homes of Houston. We are right next to an elementary school and by this very popular park where everyone comes to walk and jog. We are 2 seconds away from a golf course so that Sean can go whenever he wants, it is pretty cheap for golf. It only takes me 10-15 minutes to get to the Galleria, where all the fun shopping is, and it only takes me 10-15 minutes to get to Sean's work from here. I am starting to figure my way around here, and it is a great adventure. Now I just need to find some work so that while Sean is gone all day I have something to do, and I can use the money to buy lots of cute things for my little monster. She is so active these days, it is a lot of fun. A picture will be posted soon I promise, I just have to get Sean in the mood to take one. Oh, today was the first time a stranger came up to me and said anything to me about being pregnant. He just said "Congratulations," I was confused at first but then I realized he was talking about my belly. It was weird. At least he didn't try to give me any advice, that would have been really weird.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Up and Running

After a rocky first day here, we finally have everything all set up. We have our bed in the living room so we can have somewhere to sit and we have a little card table with a couple of chairs, it is a cute, empty old apartment. When we first got here the place smelled funny, Sean thinks it is because someone used to smoke here and they tried to cover up the smell. I think it was because they put new carpet in and it smelled weird. Luckily for an old place it has been kept up well, there is new carpet, linoleum, paint, counters in the kitchen, stove, oven, fridge, dishwasher, new counter in the bathroom, and an amazing shower head. The shower is a little dirty, but nothing a good scrubbing can't fix and all the plumbing works. Sean got totally freaked out when he turned the water on and it shot out funny like air was in the line and it was brown at first. I keep telling him that is normal with old pipes when the water has been turned off for any period of time. We lived in a nice neighborhood here in Houston, and when the water was turned off for repairs or something it always did that at first, then it is perfectly fine. It doesn't even taste bad like we were worried about, having to live off bottled water is expensive. This is definitely an adventure. We are trying to understand how to find our way around the city, but there is no way we could have done it without our garmin. I think we will eventually get the hang of it, but it was overwhelming for me at first. I am just so crazy emotional lately anything can set me off, and being in such a big city made me cry for some reason when we got here, I was actually missing Provo for like a second. How ironic huh? The place I have been waiting to escape and I missed it. Things are good now, I just have to find a job so I'm not sitting around here all day. Sean started his first day at the office today, I hope he is having fun, too bad he left his phone here. I hope he doesn't have to stay late or leave early because I will have no way of knowing when to pick him up if he doesn't think to call me with a different phone. What a fun adventure we are starting, I am excited to see how things go. I will keep you updated.