Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Girl 2

Her profile, so cute, with a smooshed little body.
Her little hands, five fingers on each, super duper adorable.
Teeny tiny feet, can't wait to kiss those little toes.
Cute profile with her hand up by her face.

I can't believe that it is a girl, I was in complete shock. This pregnancy has been really different. I have been opposite with all of the foods the I could eat in the beginning and my cravings are for sweets and chocolate, and I just want diet coke. But with Rosalie I couldn't stand desserts or diet coke. And this time my skin is really clear, no acne like with Rosalie. I just didn't think it could possibly be a girl. It will be fun to pull out Rosalie's old clothes and get it ready for baby girl, and Rosalie will love having a little sister. I got the bassinet out today and Rosalie wanted to climb in, but I wouldn't let her, so she put her dolls in it instead. I'm really excited to start making baby preps and decorating/rearranging the room. It will be fun to make them a matching little girl wonderland. I think it will be fun. Poor Sean is now going to be super outnumbered. I hope he can handle it. He does say he is excited though, so now we just have to figure out a name that is as cute as Rosalie.

As soon as I get a decent belly pic I will post it, so far all I have are a couple I took of myself in the mirror with my gym clothes on. I will have to find someone who is good at picture taking and get myself all cute. But my belly is not much bigger than it was with Rosalie, I just barely started showing last week, and even then people didn't realize I was pregnant. So I must just look chubby. Oh well, the joys of pregnancy.

11/11/11 will be exciting, hopefully she is like Rosalie and comes right on the predicted date.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rosalie is Mischevious

Wearing Sean's hat. She loves doing that in her car seat when we are going somewhere with Sean, she copies him and has to wear a hat just like his.

Rosalie is always getting into something. She mostly loves to mimic things that I do, like preparing food, cleaning, etc. I turned my back the other day and she had somehow found a knife and was cutting a tomato I had out to slice for dinner. She is always digging in my drawer with the measuring cups and miscellaneous kitchen utensils. And she Also loves to do things like put on Sean's glasses, or our shoes, and pick out clothes for us to wear. So cute!!!!

Sean's glasses.
The flossers.
She got all of the flossers out one day and for some reason decided to poke them into the couch standing up. I thought it was hilarious, she is very creative.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Potty Training

We are working on potty training. I'm really relaxed about it, so it is kind of a long process. She does really well when I remember to keep her out of diapers, but she just refuses to do a certain business without her diaper. Hopefully she will figure it out soon. But for now she is doing great. Here are some pictures of her training her doll.Changing the diaper.

Not quite able to get it on.
Then she decided to put the baby on the potty because the diapers were too difficult. Don't worry, the potty is completely sterile and clean, I had just bleached it.

So proud of the baby in the potty. What a funny and observant little girl she is. Rosalie loves to mock real world things that I do.