Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ruth is 2 months

Tummy time. She doesn't normally lift her head much, she uses tummy time to find her fist and suck on it. Although she does have a strong neck and can hold her head really well.
She was not too pleased about me wanting to take pictures, she just wanted to nap.
Our little cheetah girl. She is just adorable, and we love her. I have found that this month has been easier. I have figured her out more and know what her cries mean, and what she wants. She does't really cry too much, just if I make her wait a really really really long time to eat, or when she wants to go to sleep. She hasn't quiet figured out how to fall asleep on her own. It takes a lot of effort on my part, bouncing, rocking.... We are going to start working on that soon though. She is also starting to form a pattern for her day and that makes things much easier too. She still wanted to eat every 2 hours until this past week and we were able to stretch it to every 3 hours. Finally I can have a little more of a break.
She is just beautiful, I love baby skin that is so soft and pink.
Ruth loves her mobile. Rosalie loves to climb in the crib and watch it go around with her. They just smile and Rosalie laughs and it is so cute.
Rosalie "holding" Ruth.
It got really cold one day so I put this hat on Ruth. I think she looks so cute in it.

More things about her at 2 months:
She is very smiley.
She loves to lay on the floor and look around, especially at the TV or bright lights.
She prefers to keep her head turned to the right, although she is able to turn it to the left.
She cries really hard for Sean and when he hands her to me she stops, making him feel bad.
She likes to fall asleep with her head buried in the crook of my arm, covering her eyes.
It takes a lot of effort to get her to sleep.
At night she goes about 4 hours in her bed, then wants me to snuggle her the rest of the night.
She is not the easiest sleeper.
Her goopy eye went away this week.
Her herniated belly button is starting to go away.
She holds her head even when I pull her up to the sitting position.
She hates the bassinet.
She loves sleeping in her carseat, bouncy seat, or swing.
She loves wearing hats, she sleeps way better when I put one on her.
She is generally very happy, she only cries when she can't fall asleep, and when I make her wait to eat.
We love our Ruth.

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Linda said...

Happy 2nd Month Baby Ruth. I think about you every day and pray for you and your big sister! Love the pictures Courtney! I would love for you to tag some in FB for me???? pleeeease? I love this post and your girls. So glad you are a stay at home MAMA ! and that you can enjoy every milestone with your beautiful darlings. It goes by faster than you think, I promise! Proud of you and all the good things that you do.... which probably go un ~noticed by many....but all who are there~ or have been there~ know~ and most importantly~ Heavenly Father knows! You're awesome.