Monday, February 27, 2012


Right now most of my favorite things have something to do with my two girls, but here are a few that have made life really great lately. In no particular order. (Since I'm naming the items, I'm putting periods in the words so that they don't end up in search engines and I don't get weird hits on my blog)
The woombi.e-- this makes swaddling so much easier, all I do is zip it up, and she sleeps so much better.
The seal.y vibrating crib mattress- this thing works wonders, it is magical. It helps Ruth to fall asleep and stay asleep (as long as her sister isn't in the room screaming or crying or banging toys to keep her awake). She still doesn't sleep through the night, it only is on for 15 minutes and tapers off, but it helps with the initial restlessness so that I don't have to hold her, bounce her, pat her... It also freed up Rosalie's old crib mattress, which we now have on the floor in our room for when she comes to us in the middle of the night scared of something, so she isn't sleeping in our bed and we can all get some sleep.
Aide.n and Anai.s blankets-- These swaddles are the best. I love the material, and the weight of them, and Ruth loves to snuggle (and suck on) these.

Johnson.s Lavender baby shampoo--- This stuff makes my girls' hair smell incredible. I cannot stop holding them up to my face and smelling them all day long, it is sooooooo good. cupcakes-- we love to go and get our free cupcake using the secret word. It is a treat that Rosalie and I normally go get after we go shopping to Costc.o, I look forward to our little dates each week or two.
Pixelmato.r-- This is so awesome, I've been using it to edit pictures and it is so easy to use and I love that it was so affordable.
H.ouston zoo-- This is one of our favorite places to go during the week, it is fun to see the animals, and the grounds are just beautiful.
Chic.k fi.l a-- we go here at least once a week, Rosalie loves the chicken(so do I) and she gets to play on the playground. It is a great way to entertain ourselves when the weather is not ideal.

Bumblerid.e stroller--This baby is going to be my life saver. I have not really been able to exercise much since having Ruth, which slows down the weightloss, which makes me a bit cranky. I'm so excited this arrives tomorrow and I can get back in shape. We will be going on walks/jogs at Memoria.l Park and through the fancy neighborhoods around here.The Letter Factory-- This one is GREAT! Rosalie has had no interest in reading or learning the alphabet until just recently, so I got this dvd and in the matter of a week she has learned several of the letters and the sounds they make. I love it when she brings me her little magnet letters and tells me what they say and repeats what happened in that particular part of the movie.
The last of my favorite things for now-- Rosalie and Ruth. These girls are the best, I love being their mom, even when they drive me crazy and keep me from getting real sleep. I love it when Rosalie is sweet to Ruth, sometimes she bursts out and hurts her for no reason and I'm not sure why exactly. Rosalie will cheer Ruth on when we are trying to get her to roll over, and dangle toys(sometimes a little too close) to play with her, and Rosalie will sing and talk to her and make Ruth smile.
I hope that these girls will be best friends, I'm sure there will be fights, but right now they are just such cuties and I love them so much.

Sean is one of my favorite things too, but I just don't have many pictures of that goof because he really hates the camera. I love the way he plays with the girls and greets them the minute he walks in the door. I love how he thinks of me even when I was mean to him and comes home with a diet coke for me. I love how he works so hard for us doing a job that isn't really his dream. I love how he makes sure we are taken care of and comfortable and wants the best for our family. I love how he wishes he could spend more time with us, and when he has free time he chooses to be with us rather than do anything else.

Anyways, those are some of my favorite things right now. More pictures from the photo shoot to come, I'm just editing a few more of them.

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Brittany said...

these are AWESOME favorite things. So happy for you, honey!